Rabu, 4 September 2013

D'balik insan yang kuat dikala musibah .

It is the arrival of my beloved homeland, thank God to meet my brother, the new year has changed the face of everything that Beseri.

Brothers man named "shouldered", tears Drip see it a valiant man,
age 12 years. This year he will UPSR is the same as my sister .. what I see he is a strong man to get the best orangnya.besungguh in UPSR. beganti Day today, it is almost 10 years old, each month adding righteous blood Alor Setar hospital, I saw his face changing, Finally lukimia increasingly high level, between 5 siblings with his elder brother denganya.Doktor say will make sum2 bone transplant on his brother righteous due to iron deficiency, he should be in treatment .. After that it will make a transfer of bone sum2 eldest brother in My sister .. worried at their new brother berkhitmat as volunteer police .. May ALLAH simplify their affairs. shouldered brother is strong, however the disease ditimpanya she was like a brother and sister who lain.dengan smile that appease all bad orang.Kita There's nothing more difficult on us. Whatever like I said here, the human Sayangilah we care as long as it is still there, pray that you're righteous brothers back sembuh.kullu am wa antum bikhair.

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