Ahad, 14 Julai 2013

Dipenjara sangkar Hati

Body dwarf
in a cage heart
Although the sun is harsh
beauty but as far as the eye can see .... Sadly feel sick soul and I was jailed and tortured just napping Night Burns was all a dream where privation Lost In prison cages heart without love turbulence Restless Light meaning nor stars One single kara no relative Finding no specific direction Alas, life does not end Patience I await the promise Despite all outward crushed Kuterbangkan this kind of cage drop of dew wets me jailed and tortured just napping Night Burns was all a dream Looking for a definite direction in jail caged hearts Restless turbulence without love feeling light nor stars One single kara no relatives living in the dreams of thy prayer at Divine kupohon Pasrahkan heart fate of Palestinian right back .... Ya Allah Ya Divine Ya Allah Ya Rabbi Ya Allahu Ya Allah Ya God .... this song from Tuan Haji Ismail HPA, and dimerdukan by UNIC :).

Sabtu, 6 Julai 2013

~ Mohon doa dari sahabat sahabaiah untuk mesir~

Al-Baradei & As-side is restless, is in talks with the U.S. ambassador in Kaherah.Mereka think by releasing key leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood FJP & people would be relieved. Unfortunately, people are not stupid. They want Mursi, even if replaced by another one thousand leaders, they will not budge. They just want Mursi right back.

At Dataraan Rabaah they chanted we are not afraid of bullets. Egyptian people will come forth from behind the buildings one by
 one. I do not know how many million times this. Mursi is really huge number of supporters and nobody knows figure. meyerang In Alexandria thugs started supporters compilation Mursi, the army fired tear gas, dozens injured and died. Virtually everywhere Mursi supporters attacked Baltoji. happens in Aswan grand parade after evening prayers from Masjid An-Nasr headed to the city of Aswan to support and push Mursi coup. broadcast TV was instructed to move the demonstration to support military Mursi and make sure they do not move. Unfortunately, the military has not moved. Supporters Mursi are met through a bridge. No hand can push waves truth. Sheikh Abu Hazim Ismasil was arrested a short while earlier. Sheikh Azhar issued a statement to release all political prisoners. Elections held immediately and pay compensation those who were martyred, regardless of political views. Front rescue more panic. Partly troops distribute water to support Mursi. In Plain Rabaah As part of their picture-side down, and replaced with a picture of the Mursi. They are aware of the Mursi is commander-in-chief. Some still have that in the words of Al-sight order. Muslim Brotherhood today is the result of hundreds of leaders who were martyred. Their power is not normal. They gathered berbentengkan without holding blood without weapons. No astrologers are able to think that tomorrow will come. recalled Umar Mukhtar message reads: "I believe with my truth in freedom, and truth in life .. my country and this confidence is stronger than any blade. Though broken sword blade, would not give a falsehood. We will not give up, either win or die " A message from the youth of Al-Aqsa for Muslims in the land of Egypt inscribed "From the heart of al-Aqsa, the law has reached the red line." God's promise is sure. Victory awaits. الله اكبر فوق الجميع

[ Terkini Isu Semasa Mesir

Sabtu | 06 Julai 2013 | 03.03 petang

Presiden (sementara Mesir) Adli Mahmod Mansour Hari ini menerima kunjungan 3 anggota kempen Tamarud Mahmoud Badr, Muhammad Abdul Aziz dan Hassan Shaheen di ibu pejabat Presiden. Sementara itu,Adli Mahmod Mansour mengadakan pertemuan dengan Menteri Pertahanan, Abdul Fattah As-Sisi dan Menteri Dalam negeri, Mohammed Ibrahim bagi mendapatkan perkembangan semasa negara serta Dr.Mustafa Hijazi Penasihat Politik bagi Presiden sementara.

"Memartabat Keilmuan Memimpin Kesatuan"