Ahad, 4 Ogos 2013

Tamatnya Persekolahan...

The onset of my way to bedikari "Across the border, blacklisted guess, this AdAge Pengalamam Collect .. it happened to ini.Kerna we start a job we never do.
Day after day passed my way, I and a friend looking for a job around the river Farmer, Actually seeking work is beyond the knowledge of the principal and ayahku.kami 5 STAM.akhirnya find work after completing the first place I work is ROC Radix orentel cuisine. (Restaurant quite mahalah) When seen many of the people who interviews are coming kesitu.bila When he said my Lord and my friend work there Syarat2 distu Could he cans not make up .. I always dress like t.shirt muslimah.Pada tertariklah evening I preached in the mother and father Could My work at ROC , in fact my father and mother are members of the old HPA (Radix). They want to give me pretty hard work distu, perempuan.ku Furthermore I tried Carrying a talk. Alhamdulillah everything is fine,

when I worked tell Inginku In Britain much experience I can, let them not recognize, the HPA's work BEFORE going to work we will read maksurat new prayer the sun and working around our daily work during your amitulah runting 11:00 berkerja.kalo nie restaurants, roc close pkul 10.30pm tiba2 the presence of a uncle boots Could he come later, colleagues ana belaka.kak2 neat old already work there, more and more ignore Berni kat behadapan want with me that, and my uncle decided to deal with that, boots Unfortunate me, angry at us ranch. . Dripping tears down cheeks

without Regard sedar.Mereka we like what? Bubble, When bebicara well replied the I know myself is much harm kasar.Namun Different itu.tidak okay with me. besabar remember a large section on the Lord God willing everything will be positif.Sedar unconscious already almost 4 months my work there, There must be Rid of the Dayak and job notices, Employees increasingly bekurang, me and another friend to banyak.disinilah employment began to learn the meaning of hard and senangku Pagi2 Laki2 x semapat the plate and ana basut want the cashier nilah be almost 200 washing dishes to be washed and lain2. tuelah time I try to Strengthen themselves bekerja.bila go back home late at night exhausted already, I could not want to speak to the family, wake up alone, I already besiap readiness to work again. Begilah during your ayhku my father's mother and the police work and my mother was a living for his kilang.demi kesekolah.Alhamdulillah week my day off, Tuesday is my day to express tercinta.ku family, along with Dr. noticed on ummiku, and pray ummiku that's I need to work, sebnarnya me want to work hard that's, It is not proper to me to add some more work during your month malam.6 my last day of work dsitu, They were surprised by the letter of resignation dipegangku Stop it work disitu.kerna fate of his mother and father .. This my first job, this job selpas I got a call from the outside as well .. work bukn stop here long story. probably just here BEFORE inginku share.

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